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What they have said about her..

Paul Newman: "The most beautiful italian actress of the century.She was an extremely complex and gifted woman. It was so unfortunate that the roles she was asked to play rarely demanded what I know she had to offer"

James Dean: "Pier is a rare girl, I respect her.Unlike most Hollywood girls, she's real and genuine"

Natalie Wood: "Pier was Jimmy’s whole life, I mean eat, live, sleep, breathe - it was so sad, that whole thing"

Kirk Douglas: "I was surprised how gutsy Pier was. I was completely bowled over by her. I fell in love with her as she was swinging on a trapeze. She was like a carefree child, giggling, laughing. I thought of her as an angelic creature. Why not? our romance started thirty feet above the earth. Later, we did scenes fifty feet above, which is much higher than they go in the circus. I was intoxicated by the trapeze, by the altitude, and by Pier. By the time the picture was finished, we had made a commitment to be engaged.She had huge dark eyes and a refreshing innocence. I became completely enamored by her"

Fred Zinnemann: "She has a God-given ability to transmit emotion without seeming to do anything, and an unerring instinct for the truth"

Theodore Strauss: "In Pier Angeli, a nineteen-year-old Italian girl, Hollywood has found an actress who eludes the town's traditional classifications and whose unvarnished beauty and instinctive talent have already caused her to be called "Little Garbo""

Vittorio De Sica:"This is not an actress, this is a real human being with an animal quality. There is purity of soul - and an intelligence; she absorbs and she executes. It is material with which you can do anything"

Cornel Lucas (Hollywood Photographer) "Her beauty was such, even with but a brief glimpse as she walked towards me, that it quite literally took my breath away"

Susan Strasberg "Pier was beautiful, virginal-looking, and I tried to emulate her"

Ricardo Montalban "She is a person I should be proud to call my friend, and she is an artist with whom any actor should be thrilled to work."

John Barrymore "When I'm around Anna, I'm like butter at nine hundred degrees, she looks at me and I melt.Never before did I know a girl so beautiful and warm and spiritual.In one way, she's a thousand years old...and in another way she's like a tiny child.."

Vittorio Gassman "Poor Anna!We met in Hollywood on the set of MGM's"Sombrero" in 1953 circa,i sadly remember that her beauty&talent were like those of a butterfly,trapped by unscrupulous hunters,just waiting to pierce her heart,and trap her luminous aura in a crystal box!"

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